Posted by: heddam | 15 January 2010

Big Decisions

I suppose I need to go back and catch up on that list of things that was going on in December. The number one thing my friends keep asking about is the big decision. Actually, it was two big decisions. I had already made one and it came to fruition when I came back to work. The other had been in the works for quite some time and was finally nailed down over the holidays.

When Garrett was born, I knew that when he finally came home I would not be able to put him daycare. Preemies are too prone to getting sick especially in the winter months and it turning into RSV which is very deadly for them. I decided that I would go back to work until he was almost ready to come and then I would quit and stay home with him. Then he passed away and that was that.

We moved and Neely was unable (so he says) to find a job, so when Weeman was born he stayed home with him. When Weeman was 6 months old, Neely went to Iraq for year. Two months before he left I had been diagnosed with borderline severe depression. I only had one week to decide if I was going to continue working or stay home. Gran and I decided it would be best for me to keep working, because we were both concerned that my depression would get worse if I had no set reason to leave the house everyday.

When Slurpee was born this past year I longed to stay home with her. It was an absolute foreign feeling to me. I have never thought of myself as a SAHM. I have been in my current job for a little less than two years and have not been really happy since about the third month I was hear. I decided last September that I would leave my job and stay home with the kids at the end of January.

You have to be wondering why I waited so long after making the decision. First, I was using the insurance from my job for Slurpee’s genetic testing. The earliest appointment we could get for that was November. So, I had to at least work through November. Then the state I work for furloughed its employees for six days this fiscal year. Four of those days were to be added to our Christmas break but the money would be taken out one day per month starting in September. Even if you quit you wouldn’t get that money back. If they were going to take my money, I wanted my days off. Jussayin’!

So, January 29 will be my last day working in the corporate world. Hopefully, I will be able to survive being a SAHM. I know Weeman needs me at home to help with school. He’s having issues with his teacher. I’ll have to tell you that story later.


Our other big decision is that we have decided to move to the big state of TEXAS!!!!!

Yeah, yeah. Big deal! Well, for us it is. When we first got married, Neely was stationed in Washington, DC. He eventually got out of the Army, but we stayed there. It took me seven years to get out of there and move home to be close to my parents. Weeman has been six miles for my parents his entire life. We eat dinner together several times a week.

About a year after Neely returned from Iraq he was able to turn his reserve job into a mobilization and stay home at the same time. He decided at this point that he wanted to career out with the Army. (He never should have gotten out in the first place. I tried to tell him.) The post he is currently stationed is on the BRAC list and is scheduled to close in June 2011. There is nowhere close to Mom and Dad for us to go.

My brother, I think I call him GI Joe, is stationed in Texas. He’s been there several times and absolutley loves it. He’s four years from retiring from the Army. He and Neely are best friends. He has tried to talk us in to moving there for a couple of years.

Neely kept talking about moving to Tampa or back to DC or going to a post that is close during the week and then coming home on the weekends. None of those really appealed to me. I still wanted to be close to family. I guess losing a child will show you how important family is.

While everyone was at my house for Christmas, GI Joe and his wife kept talking up Texas and finally we said, OK. We’re coming. So, that’s it. This summer we’ll be headed to Texas. I’m not sure Gran will let the children leave, but ….

I’m torn. I’m excited and I’m sad. At this point, I’m not ready to talk about that. I’ll save that and the house selling for other posts.


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