100 Things You Need to Know

This is a work in progress. Keep checking back to see what you can learn about me.

This is a list of things you might want to know about me, but that you may never have known. Like me or not, this is who I am. You may want to know these things before you decide to become my “friend”.

  1. I am the daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher.
  2. However, I married an Irish Catholic.
  3. The death of my first child shook me to my very core and made me question my faith.
  4. I still have huge questions about faith.
  5. I was not popular in high school.
  6. I lost my best friend in high school because the guy I was on a break with went out with another of our friends and then decided to get back with me.
  7. I have never understood why that was my fault.
  8. I am a huge hockey fan. Not because of my husband, I was a fan before I met him.
  9. Everytime I put a hockey players name on one of my jerseys, they retire or are traded sometime during that season.
  10. My favorite thing to do is sit in my chair with my son sleeping on my chest. (He’s almost too big for that.)
  11. I lived in the same house until I went off to college.
  12. You know the saying, “God will never give you more than you can handle?” God thinks too much of me.
  13. I have lost all but one granparent. Wouldn’t you know it’s the one I don’t really care for.
  14. I have a bit of OCD, but the older I get the more I see it disappearing.
  15. I have decided that I am actually very lazy and that I should work on that part of my character.
  16. My father questions my faith all the time. I don’t think it is his place to question my faith.
  17. I believe in God and know that he is real, but have a hard time praying and listening to people talk about how great He is.
  18. It took me 14 years to finish my bachlor’s degree. I think I should have majored in something else.
  19. After 4 months in my current field, I have already looked at changing to a totally different career.
  20. Most of my childhood vacations centered around the church. I can only remember one family vacation we took that had nothing to do with church.
  21. In our youth group I was forced to be a leader because my mom was the youth director.
  22. My senior year I refused to be on the youth council, much less the president of the whole thing.
  23. I was still expected to be the leader but told not to complain when I thought things were not going well.
  24. I was expected to be perfect and hated every minute of it.
  25. My favorite part of high school was being on the drumline in marching band.
  26. I even tried out for drum corps but was forced to quit because I couldn’t make the practices they had on Sundays. I had to go to church.

Let me stop for a minute to express how hard this list is to make. I am having a hard time coming up with anything. That’s why the list is so disjointed. Back to the list.


  1. Did you mention that typically your blood pressure is low? So a “normal” pressure might be “high”? Or am I remembering incorrectly?

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